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Why it is Important to Have a Mobile Website

Mobile DesignThe most critical point to remember about mobile design is so much hinges on first impressions. But it goes far beyond that, and the appearance has to be for real. That is to say, if it looks easy on the eyes, and brains, then functionality has to follow form and design. We’ve all seen app designs that are like messy rooms. They’re not organized according to sound usability principles which makes them hard to use. Strive for balance in all ways between features, functions, and appearance.

Totally avoid trying to be all things to all people. Just like with products and marketing, that mindset will doom your design and app. With that in mind, whittle down to the main purpose of the app. You would be surprised at how much you’ll still have to work with. So don’t think that specificity means boring or lacking in rich features. But there’s one crucial area you need to research.

Market research has to be performed and not done with a superficial treatment, either. This may seem like an esoteric area reserved for large corporations – not so. Even a solo entrepreneur needs to do this even though many do not. This kind of research will uncover who is in the audience. In other words, who you will be targeting for using the app.

Once you know the demographics of your audience, then that will help give you a basic framework for design. You don’t want your mobile design to be ideal for professionals if they’re not in your audience. And the worst thing you can do is design it so it appeals to, or is ideal for, you.

Another important area of research is for other designs in your market and related markets. No mobile designer wants to accidentally mimic what’s already out in the market. That hopefully makes sense and there’s no reason to explain why.

At least you’ll be able to know what to avoid. Not only that, but you can even improve on an existing design. So don’t be afraid to find inspiration from a competitor’s design.

There are even more benefits to understanding your target market. For example, you can discover popular features which can be a springboard for new ideas. Also, there’s another reason for knowing this information.

You can and should take popular design features and functions and be sure to use them in the mobile platform. Chances are very good that there are many features you could include. However, there’s wisdom in knowing what works and is getting a good reception.

When you’re working with mobile design, just remember you’re not in a vacuum. Very often other technical issues reserved for other skill sets impact design. The end result may pull you into the problem solving process. And this may also cause you to rethink your work and what you have mapped out.

Mobile design is crucial because it is the interface or bridge between the app and the user. The unknown factor is how the appearance will affect people. So what you ultimately come up with has to satisfy more requirements. That’s a lot of responsibility for the designer. Click here for more info.